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To Investor

An agriculture enterprise with modern dairy production technology is looking for
a partner or investor, with a stock option, for the purpose of bringing to completion
investments stemming from modernization requirements.

Who we are

OÜ Viraito is a family business operating in Jõgeva County near the town of Põltsamaa, not far from the geographical center of mainland Estonia. The firm started as a small farm founded in 1990.

The current holdings include:

a.. 380 dairy cows
b.. 289 young animals
c.. Total output from milking in 2005 of 7,523 kg
d.. We are currently on schedule for an output of 7,754 kg
e.. Company milk quota is currently 2,346,128 kg
f.. Additional quota sought 465,448 kg

Company holdings include 163.5 ha of land and 9.14 ha of forest. A transaction to acquire
94 hectares of land through a non-monetary deposit by the current owner into equity
is currently in progress. Including leased land, there is a total of 684 ha in use, of which
we hold usufruct on approximately 10 ha.

We grow grain on 202.75 hectares.

The dairy herd is housed in a new 426-place free-range shed with a Boumatic milking system. The shed was completed in October 2004. When the farm was launched, a total of 119 in-calf heifers were bought from the Netherlands and Germany and 60 from Estonia.

In 2005, 3 slurry storage tanks with a total volume of 12,060 m3 were completed.

This year we are undertaking reconstruction of the old dairy shed and the coarse fodder storage area at its one end, which should be completed by the end of October. Non-lactating cows, young animals and the calving section will be housed there.

The company has a stable complex for horses which was completed in 1988 and which has been used as a hog shed, but which is currently empty and waiting for a good business idea, grain drying shed, weighing house, workshop with proper furnishings

The company has four apartments in three communities for its employees and a building in the town of Põltsamaa.

We have use of quality modern equipment for field work and feed supply.

There are a total of 17 employees, including four family members and our own veterinarian and seeding technician.